EntreMD Vision Retreat 2021

Most. AMAZING. Experience.

New friends. New ideas.

New Dreams.

Overcoming obstacles.

Committing to creating the life you want, have worked for, & deserve.

Lifting each other.

Celebrating wins.

Sharing fears, insecurities, & recognizing we all experience similar thoughts & beliefs.

Solidifying our whys.

Planning our next steps as we reach, create, & journey toward our big hairy audacious goals.

Realizing WE are the CEO of our lives & OWNING IT.

We are Women Physician Entrepreneurs.

Together we empower each other & become unstoppable.


We got this.


#EntreMD #EBSretreat21 #Vision #Clarity #Mission #Drive #InCharge #EBSfamily #ImAllIn

Published by Dr. Dewey

Passionate Pediatrician. Marvelous Mom. Children/Vaccine/Physician Advocate. RA Warrior. Believer in Science, Medicine, Physician Autonomy, and the Patient:Physician Relationship. Connecting Physicians. Creating Change.

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