PedsMamaDoc – My Why

I’ve been a practicing pediatrician since 2002. Since graduating medical school in 1996, I’ve experienced first hand the ways in which our honored profession of Medicine has been turned into for-profit corporate driven Healthcare – infiltrated by third party middlemen, driving a wedge between physicians & patients, destroying physician autonomy, patient privacy, & leading to increasing distress amongst my colleagues and patients alike.

Over the past several years I’ve connected with multiple physicians through various social media outlets, sharing views and ways in which we can work together to advocate for and rebuild our honored house of Medicine.

I’ve often written notes/thoughts/ideas down in various places – and am finally taking the leap to compile and share, with the hope of motivating others to join in and openly advocate for our profession. May this blog help inspire thought, ideas, discussion, sharing, and empower others to join in, activate, and help us take back our house of medicine!

Together we CAN make change!

~ Christina Dewey, MD aka PedsMamaDoc