Moments, Solitude, Self Reflection

Yes. Yes! YES‼️ I was just thinking how important it is to reflect, think about, & really be curious about what it is we, as individuals, want in life. We are constantly inundated by what others want us to want & it takes STOPPING & THINKING & REFLECTING to really figure it out. It’s ok … More Moments, Solitude, Self Reflection

Courage to Change: Become an Anti-Bully

This entry is inspired by Dr. Adam Harrison’s social media posts today, 11/18/22. Bullying. Belittling. Making one feel worthless, unvalued, not enough. Constantly berating & focusing on deficits rather than helping to improve & recognizing what’s done well PRIOR to pointing out potential areas needing improvement. Being made to feel as if anything & everything … More Courage to Change: Become an Anti-Bully


Power. Pain. Joy. Influence. Thought. Words are powerful. The words you choose each and every day determine what you do, how you think, feel, act, and in turn lend to how you feel, the actions you take, and experiences you create. I have to…. OR I get to… You have a choice. Each and every … More Choice


9/21/22 Lost. Swirling. Uncertain. What’s my purpose? Where? What? How? I’ve risen from the ashes so many times… Have started over again and again and again….. I’ve likely worked double/triple or googolplex more hours than others do in their lifetime…yet have little monetary reserves…well I did, but drained them due to a series of unfortunate … More LOST

Stronger Together

In todays world we face so many pressures.To be better.To do more, often with less, and less. Time pressures.Work pressures.Home pressures.Family pressures.Childcare pressures.Financial pressures.Health – physical & mental – pressures. We are constantly putting others first, playing catch up, tackling seemingly never ending to do lists, and the pressure builds and builds and builds until … More Stronger Together


8/14/22 For various reasons, my family is, unknowingly, currently participating in an experiment. We have a habit of going to the grocery store whenever we crave/want certain foods. Well, this past week, I put a ban on going to the store – and I’m amazed at how innovative & creative my family has become. My … More Innovation

I Dissent

In regards to the court’s ruling on 6/24/2022, re: overturning Roe vs Wade, I dissent. ALL MEDICAL DECISIONS are personal & private & no one outside of the direct patient:physician relationship should have any say on ANY MEDICAL DECISIONS. Attempting to insert one’s personal views, beliefs, politics, religions, thoughts, conclusions is unethical, harmful, & will … More I Dissent


Please join me in helping to end pancreatic cancer! … More #PurpleStride


I’m a believer in serendipity. In being at the right place at the right time. That chance encounter that changes your life. In hearing just what’s needed, right when you need it. This morning I listened to Dr. Kathy Zhang’s podcast The Purpose Filter. This episode was exactly what I needed to hear today. Thank … More Serendipity

Love & Loss

7/16/2021 Knowing when it’s time to let go of a life well lived is perhaps the most difficult part of being a pet owner. Our pets become family. They bring us joy, hope, love & light, and fill our days with purpose. The longing looks, the wagging tails, the perked up ears, engage, connect, & … More Love & Loss