Yes. That’s a potato. 🥔

For various reasons, my family is, unknowingly, currently participating in an experiment.

We have a habit of going to the grocery store whenever we crave/want certain foods. Well, this past week, I put a ban on going to the store – and I’m amazed at how innovative & creative my family has become.

My son figured out how to make hash browns.

Son’s hash browns, along with a burger HE grilled.

My husband made a beef noodle stir fry dish.

We’ve managed to eat almost all of the fresh food in our fridge.

For the most part, everyone has become more creative & willing to try something new.

We ran out of ketchup – so I improvised, using a tomato picked from our garden.

My version of a Chicago Dog. 🌭

My daughter made cupcakes.

Granola bars and nuts are being eaten. Frozen food is being used – or found to be freezer burned and finally discarded!

Water intake has increased. (We ran out of milk!)

Less snacking and mindless eating is occurring.

Has there been some whining, a few tears, and some hangry? Yes! Of course there has been, because change is hard.

Here’s the thing, when comfort, easy accessibility, and immediate results are taken away, creativity, innovation, and resourcefulness take their place.

As I’m writing this piece, my husband just texted:

See? Absence drives innovation!

This experiment involved food….now imagine what might happen if/when I turn off the wifi….

My point is that many of us, more often than not, take for granted what we have, are accustomed to, expect – until the ease, accessibility, and instant gratification disappears. Thereby forcing us to think, come up with alternate solutions, and creatively innovate, or, as in this example, go hungry!

How much more might we all imagine and create if made to experience hardship?

How might our world change if everyone were forced to do more with less?

If everyday comforts and instant gratification ceased?

I think it’s an exercise worth exploring.

Absence of ease leads to creativity, discovery, and innovative solutions. Necessity drives progress. Discomfort encourages growth and unleashes potential.

Next up, I’m making my sister’s quinoa dish – because we have all of the ingredients – except chicken broth. My husband pointed out that we have “Better than Bouillon roasted chicken base” in the fridge – so I can make my own chicken broth!

Need = thoughtful solutions!!!! And I’ve literally created “food from thought”. 😁

Bon Appétit!

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