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I’m a believer in serendipity. In being at the right place at the right time. That chance encounter that changes your life. In hearing just what’s needed, right when you need it. This morning I listened to Dr. Kathy Zhang’s podcast The Purpose Filter. This episode was exactly what I needed to hear today. ThankContinue reading “Serendipity”

It Takes A Village

12/18/21 Please hug your loved ones. ❤️ Reach out to your neighbors. Hold each other close. Watch out for others. Ask if they’re ok, and listen, really listen, to their answer. It takes a village. 💕 After the postpartum death of a Minneapolis doctor, it takes a village to feed her son Sharing in memoryContinue reading “It Takes A Village”

This Must Stop.

Physician suicide, 7/22/21 “I’m very sad to share the loss of beloved Family Medicine Physician, Radhika Lal Snyder. Radhika died by suicide on July 4th and her loss is a profound shock to all who know and love her. She died 3 days before she was scheduled to go back to work from maternity leave.Continue reading “This Must Stop.”

Love & Loss

7/16/2021 Knowing when it’s time to let go of a life well lived is perhaps the most difficult part of being a pet owner. Our pets become family. They bring us joy, hope, love & light, and fill our days with purpose. The longing looks, the wagging tails, the perked up ears, engage, connect, &Continue reading “Love & Loss”

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