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I recently responded to a post in a group re: how pediatricians are “undervalued/underpaid”. The thing is, it’s not just pediatricians, or primary care – but ALL PHYSICIANS.

The rise of corporatized for profit “healthcare” has affected all specialties – especially primary care and pediatrics. The way “reimbursement” works with insurance-based fee for service/RVUs even with the “time based” CPT coding change – our time – including the time we spend with patients developing trusted relationships – is perceived as “less valuable”.

As pediatricians we care for our most valuable assets – our children. One would think our children would be hailed by society as our world’s most important and valued resource – yet as pointed out by many – society at large has proven otherwise. (Gun control/violence, Education, Masking ending prior to children becoming COVID19 vaccine eligible, Anti-LGBTQQIP2SAA legislation, soaring drug prices, lack of paid parental leave, food insecurity, rising cases of mental health issues in younger and younger patients, the list goes on and on and on.)

At this point we need EVERY SINGLE PHYSICIAN in ALL SPECIALTIES to align & support each other.


Our once learned profession of Medicine has been usurped by middlemen profiteers and turned into the business of healthcare. Medicine as we once envisioned and (for those older and practicing pre-EHR and pre-MOC) once practiced is gone.
It’s been obliterated.

What we ALL need to do is BUILD ANEW.

There are physicians taking back our once honored learned profession & practicing as they were trained – for patients. Healing, helping, and honoring our sacred oath to first do no harm.

Where morbidity and mortality data count more than “community measures, MIPS & MACRA”.

Physicians ARE standing up to the current “status quo” of indentured servitude & are speaking up to create change.

Take a listen to this speech by Dr. Ellen McKnight entitled Defenders of Our Profession:

Dr. Ellen McKnight – Defenders of the Profession

Dr. McKnight spot on highlights all that has destroyed medicine and how to change it – by becoming activated physicians and using our voice to create change.

By believing in ourselves as PHYSICIANS and refusing to be the workhorses off of which non-physicians profit.

By taking a stand.

By using our collective voice.

By learning to SERVE AND EARN.

By setting boundaries.

By becoming the CEOs of OUR OWN LIVES.

By realizing that “No.” is a complete sentence and each and every one of us have a choice as to what we will or will not do each and every day.

We CAN rebuild and take back our profession by believing in ourselves – by shifting our mindset from indentured servitude to physician entrepreneurs.
For without US there is no medicine!

Current non-physician extraneous middlemen are profiting off of OUR expertise, knowledge, skills, work & OUR DATA – so let’s stop giving it to them.

For those of you tired of the broken system called healthcare – there is a better way. We just have to BELIEVE IN OURSELVES & TAKE ACTION.

I highly recommend those interested in taking back their profession and their lives consider attending Dr. Nneka Chineme Unachukwu’s (aka Dr. Una) EntreMDLive2022 FREE virtual conference this Saturday 6/11/22 and earn 6 CME credits too‼️

Dr. Una is a powerhouse serial entrepreneur with the goal of helping 100,000 physicians build 6 & 7 figure businesses. Learn more by joining in this weekend, listening to her free podcast The EntreMD Podcast , and buying what she refers to as a $16 MBA The EntreMD Method . Dr. Una’s goal is to make 2025 the Year of the Physician – and I truly believe we can achieve this goal – together!

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Additionally, connect with other like minded activated physicians with the #DoctorsDAO aka HPEC – the first of its kind technology owned & designed by physicians for the purpose of serving physicians so that we can better care for our patients. HPEC, using secure blockchain technology, allows physicians to create their own SSI (self sovereign identity) digital wallet to own and control their credentials and data. HPEC also allows onboarded physicians to communicate directly with other physicians – free of censorship/oversight. Check out HPEC’s explainer video here:

HPEC allows physicians a secure private way to easily connect & organize!

Onboard to the app for free now:

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HPEC is Putting Physicians Back in Charge. Own Your Data, Own Your Future. HPEC.

For additional grassroots groups of activated physicians working to create change, read my blog post: Change Makers.

Together we CAN create needed change and rebuild our learned profession.


It’s past time we take back and rebuild our house.

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