I Dissent

I dissent.
I wholeheartedly agree with RBG.

In regards to the court’s ruling on 6/24/2022, re: overturning Roe vs Wade, I dissent.

ALL MEDICAL DECISIONS are personal & private & no one outside of the direct patient:physician relationship should have any say on ANY MEDICAL DECISIONS.

Attempting to insert one’s personal views, beliefs, politics, religions, thoughts, conclusions is unethical, harmful, & will result in increased mortality & morbidity.

The public (& the government) have no business telling a woman/man/other what to do with their own personal reproductive parts.

The patient:physician relationship is sacred, honored, trusted, and private.

I find it unethical and egregious that outside non-physician parties want to interfere, intrude, dictate and attempt to control and/or play a role in PERSONAL & PRIVATE decisions between PATIENT & PHYSICIAN.

There is absolutely no role, nor place, for any other parties’ personal judgements, views, thoughts, opinions, rules, policies, religions, political preferences, or other, in our exam rooms.

Our patient’s views, choices, wants, desires, are to be honored & respected, not forced upon by any outside party.

In fact, as physicians, it is our professional duty to keep our own personal, political, religious, or any other beliefs, out of the exam room. Our purpose is to guide, counsel, provide information, help, protect, and support our patients to the best of our abilities.

As physicians we took an oath to first do no harm, and in upholding our oath, our loyalty lies with our patients first, foremost, & always.


Every daughter, sister, granddaughter, mother, grandmother, aunt, friend, cousin, colleague – every citizen – both women & men (fathers, grandfathers, brothers, uncles, sons) are affected by this Supreme Court’s ruling.

Medical decisions are based on science, evidence, risks, benefits, and are specific to each and every individual patient.

No one size fits all.

No either/or.

No black, nor white exists.

Only gray.

Multiple shades, layers, varied blurs and shadows of endless gray.

Each and every single one of us is a patient – an individual with different needs, thoughts, desires, beliefs.

Competent medical decision making requires YEARS of in depth study and training, and should be made between patient and physician only.

There is no place for debate, denial, or forcing of one’s political, personal, religious, opinion, or views in our exam room.


I dissent.

7/11/22: Adding link to this article by Your Local Epidemiologist with supporting evidence and resources for all women: Limited access to abortion is a public health issue: How you can help.

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