What if PHYSICIANS led the future of healthcare?

My thoughts on Stark Laws, Anti-Kickbacks, & Hospital Ownership Bans. 10/22/23 Wow. It’s all about control. Designating what physicians can/cannot do in terms of business.  An attempt to control ethical decision making by some of THE MOST ETHICAL PROFESSIONALS ALIVE.  I think puppeteering policy shapers forgot – or perhaps never actually understood/realized – what it … More What if PHYSICIANS led the future of healthcare?


One never thinks it can happen to them. But I was watching. They know how to swim. We’re always so careful. I thought she was right beside me. I only turned away for a second. He was napping. But the gate was closed. Children are curious creatures. They are fearless. Impulsive. Daring. They try new … More Drowning

Not Today.

4/17/2023 I just finished a visit with my rheumatologist. Well, I actually finished 30-40 minutes ago and have been sitting in my car, staring at this sign, amidst sunshine, blue sky, and harshly blowing strong winds, thinking. Contemplating. Wondering. See, I’m exhausted. I’m spent. There are plenty of “to dos” and I’m currently trying to … More Not Today.

Change and Choice

4/10/23 I wrote this piece 3 years ago, in 2020, during the beginning of the COVID19 pandemic. As I reread this entry, and reflect on the past 3 years, I realize that one can replace “COVID19” with “cancer”, “immunologic illness” “depression”, or any new life altering chronic disease/diagnosis/major disruption/transition in one’s life. The one constant … More Change and Choice

Made for More

1/17/2023 Today is the day. Over a year in the making! Today is the day I became a best selling author! And the BEST part?!? I’m one of over 40+ physicians that became best selling authors today! Together. All of us. Lifting each other up to succeed. Each of us is a member of the … More Made for More

Moments, Solitude, Self Reflection

Yes. Yes! YES‼️ I was just thinking how important it is to reflect, think about, & really be curious about what it is we, as individuals, want in life. We are constantly inundated by what others want us to want & it takes STOPPING & THINKING & REFLECTING to really figure it out. It’s ok … More Moments, Solitude, Self Reflection

Courage to Change: Become an Anti-Bully

This entry is inspired by Dr. Adam Harrison’s social media posts today, 11/18/22. Bullying. Belittling. Making one feel worthless, unvalued, not enough. Constantly berating & focusing on deficits rather than helping to improve & recognizing what’s done well PRIOR to pointing out potential areas needing improvement. Being made to feel as if anything & everything … More Courage to Change: Become an Anti-Bully


Power. Pain. Joy. Influence. Thought. Words are powerful. The words you choose each and every day determine what you do, how you think, feel, act, and in turn lend to how you feel, the actions you take, and experiences you create. I have to…. OR I get to… You have a choice. Each and every … More Choice

My EntreMD Story

10/2/22 I’ve been a physician for 26 years. I graduated medical school in 1996. I’ve lived through and witnessed physicians go from “respected full of autonomy leaders” to discouraged “data entry clerk providers”, brainwashed into a purposeful learned helplessness – intentionally created by healthcare’s profit hungry corporate cartel. Once respected, now belittled. Once autonomous, now … More My EntreMD Story


9/21/22 Lost. Swirling. Uncertain. What’s my purpose? Where? What? How? I’ve risen from the ashes so many times… Have started over again and again and again….. I’ve likely worked double/triple or googolplex more hours than others do in their lifetime…yet have little monetary reserves…well I did, but drained them due to a series of unfortunate … More LOST