EntreMD Vision Retreat 2021

Most. AMAZING. Experience. New friends. New ideas. New Dreams. Overcoming obstacles. Committing to creating the life you want, have worked for, & deserve. Lifting each other. Celebrating wins. Sharing fears, insecurities, & recognizing we all experience similar thoughts & beliefs. Solidifying our whys. Planning our next steps as we reach, create, & journey toward ourContinue reading “EntreMD Vision Retreat 2021”

Expertise, Respect, & Boundaries

10/9/2021 This morning, while scrolling through social media, I encountered a resounding theme. Multiple physicians posting about being challenged, disrespected, & made to feel worthless by the very people they were trying to help: their own patients. Being brought to tears by the disrespect of patient’s family members. Physician expertise blatantly questioned. Advice ignored. PatientsContinue reading “Expertise, Respect, & Boundaries”


9/28/21 Currently my family member is hospitalized in LA for a non-COVID19 related medical issue. She’s in an overflow room with 14 other patients divided by curtains. She’s grateful so is calling it a “party room” as she’s extremely thankful to every overworked HCW helping care for her. She’s triple COVID19 vaccinated. She eats right,Continue reading “Mindset”

COVID-19 Vaccine FDA Approval

🌟SAFE. EFFECTIVE. & FDA APPROVED‼️🌟 If you’re 16y/o & older & have yet to be vaccinated – NOW IS THE TIME‼️ Today, August 23, 2021, the FDA announced full approval of the Pfizer BioNtech COVID-19 vaccine for ages 16y/o & older. The Pfizer BioNtech COVID-19 vaccine remains authorized for emergency use (EUA) for ages 12-15y/o’s,Continue reading “COVID-19 Vaccine FDA Approval”

NOW IS THE TIME. The Rise of Delta.

#DELTA IS BAD! If you’ve yet to get vaccinated – NOW IS THE TIME! Over the past week #COVID19 infection rates & hospitalizations are increasing, in fact they’re surging! Yes. Surging! It’s happening again. This #Deltavariant is MORE INFECTIOUS than influenza, the common cold, than the initial strains of COVID-19, SARS, MERS, Ebola. And DELTAContinue reading “NOW IS THE TIME. The Rise of Delta.”

This Must Stop.

Physician suicide, 7/22/21 “I’m very sad to share the loss of beloved Family Medicine Physician, Radhika Lal Snyder. Radhika died by suicide on July 4th and her loss is a profound shock to all who know and love her. She died 3 days before she was scheduled to go back to work from maternity leave.Continue reading “This Must Stop.”