One never thinks it can happen to them.

But I was watching.

They know how to swim.

We’re always so careful.

I thought she was right beside me.

I only turned away for a second.

He was napping.

But the gate was closed.

Children are curious creatures. They are fearless. Impulsive. Daring. They try new things every minute of every day as they grow. It’s how they learn. Children watch other’s behaviors and copy and mimic. They climb, crawl, fall, jump, and play, over and over and over again.

As parents, we do the best we can.

We teach, nurture, set examples, boundaries, rules, help, yet allow them to make their own mistakes too. All the while loving and hoping we are doing best by our most precious creations.

Despite our best efforts, accidents happen.

Drowning is silent.


An inability to keep one’s head above water.

A slipping under, gasping.

Years ago I wrote a piece for the MNAAP newsletter about becoming a water watchdog. I urge every parent, adult, teenager, grandparent, ALL caregivers to adopt this practice: Why I Became a #WaterWatchDog | MNAAP .

Accidents happen.

Sometimes we do our best, yet ones worst nightmare comes true.

It’s no one’s fault.

It just is.

It happens.

What we can do is pledge to be vigilant, be present, be prepared, and do everything in our power minimize the chances – prevention is key.

I write this as reminder to all parents/caregivers.

Please prepare.

Learn CPR.

Keep the National Poison Control number handy (1-800-222-1222).

Secure medications, wear seatbelts and bike helmets.

And take the pledge to become a water watchdog.

Accidents happen.

As pediatricians we’ll always be there, no matter what. And we will care for each and every child to the very best of our abilities, always. We also teach and urge prevention, and preparation.

So please, prepare so as to protect.

Be vigilant.

Be ready.

Become a water watchdog.

Water Watchdog – Abbey’s Hope

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