I Was A July 1st Intern


July 1st, 1996, was my first official day as a general surgery resident at Wayne State University/DMC: Neurosurgery my first rotation.

I was scrubbed in, operating with the fellow, on an anterior cervical laminectomy. He finished the majority of the case, looked me in the eye, and said, “Ok you close”, broke scrub, and walked out of the OR.

Not missing a beat, I held out my hand, said, “Stitch”, and proceeded to successfully, and quite proficiently, close the incision.
When finished, I asked the scrub nurse to please dress the wound. (Truth be told – I asked because I was unsure what dressing to use!)

Yes. Day 1 of intern year.

Many may be surprised, but here’s the thing – I was totally prepared. I’d completed multiple surgery rotations during medical school: general surgery, trauma, urology, pediatric surgery, and had many opportunities to suture. In fact, I still have the needle driver one of the senior residents gave me as an MS4 so I could practice my suturing technique and knot tying at home.

I used to practice suturing on the couch cushions while watching TV. 😉

So please be reassured, our incoming interns are ready, eager, well trained, and competent young physicians.

Congratulations Intern Class of 2022‼️

Welcome to Our House‼️ 💪❤️️👊 🩺⚕️

Here’s a must listen for every intern from physician friend and colleague Dr. Lara Hochman: Letter to the Interns on July 1st

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