When You Give a Mom a Task.

(aka The Mom wormhole or When A Mom Finds a Mess…)

When you’re in need of one screw,


So go looking for the right size…


And find a baggie full of mixed fasteners/items.


And feel the need to organize them…


So you ask your husband to look for a divided box,


and he finds one for you.


And you spend the next hour or so organizing…


And have yet to find the find the needed screw….


But you did find Happiness. 😁




#MomWormhole #WhenAMomFindsAMess #OrganizationIsHappiness #NeatnessRules #OCDhappy #HappyMomHappyLife #PMG #PedsMamaDoc #Joy #31daysofjoy #Happy2021

Happiness is…

Published by Dr. Dewey

Passionate Pediatrician. Marvelous Mom. Children/Vaccine/Physician Advocate. RA Warrior. Believer in Science, Medicine, Physician Autonomy, and the Patient:Physician Relationship. Connecting Physicians. Creating Change.

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