Currently my family member is hospitalized in LA for a non-COVID19 related medical issue.

She’s in an overflow room with 14 other patients divided by curtains.

She’s grateful so is calling it a “party room” as she’s extremely thankful to every overworked HCW helping care for her.

She’s triple COVID19 vaccinated.

She eats right, exercises, & takes great care of herself & her family.

She’s been wearing her mask the ENTIRE hospital stay.

She’s done everything she can to stay out of the hospital – yet needed to be admitted & is lucky there was a bed available.

She’s personally experiencing how overstretched, understaffed, & overworked our entire medical workforce is currently.

She could complain, be upset, make a fuss…..

Instead, she’s chosen to embrace how lucky she is to be able to be receiving needed care, & is thankful & appreciative for every single person helping her.

I’ve heard her say:

“They all look so tired.”

“They’re all so busy.”

“I understand, I can wait.”

“It’s ok, they’ll be here soon.”

“I just want to give everyone here a vacation.”

She’s in pain, uncomfortable, hasn’t showered in days, & is sharing 2 bathrooms between 15 patients.




Lighthearted & with a smile.

Her selflessness and compassion is amazing.

She gets it.

She’s made the best out of a difficult, frightening, & trying situation.

Mindset is everything.

Please, everyone: #GetVaccinated #WearAMask #BeKind #HelpUsHelpYou

🙏 Get Vaccinated.

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