National Physicians Week, March 25-31

We see you. We hear you. We are you. We Thank YOU.

We’re Here for You in 2022, is this year’s slogan for National Physicians Week, March 25-31, which includes National Doctor’s Day on March 30th. Dr. Kimberly Jackson and members of Physicians Working Together (PWT) spearheaded the creation of National Physicians Week in 2016.

The past two years have been incredibly challenging. I am extremely thankful and grateful for my colleagues, peers, friends, my own personal physicians, and those physicians currently caring for and helping my sister battle pancreatic cancer. Thank you for everything. This blog post is for you.

To ALL Physicians everywhere, THANK YOU for being YOU.

Thank YOU for:
Choosing medicine.
Working hard
Your hours of study
Your skills
Sleepless nights
Missed family events
Your compassion
Your resiliency
For showing up, day after day & night after night, despite the unknown unseen virus that’s wreaked havoc on all our lives.

Thank YOU for
Holding a hand
Shedding a tear
Returning our calls, texts
Reaching out, following up, & making sure we’re ok.

Thank YOU for
Your passion
Your strength
Your creativity
Your problem solving
Your innovation
Your belief in helping, healing, & to first
do no harm.
Honoring life
Holding our hands & being there in death.

Thank YOU for
Hearing, understanding, & your ability to diagnose, differentiate, & instantly formulate plans of action.
Waking up, showing up, jumping in, &
each & every single day. At work, at home, at the hospital, the park, the concert, the airplane, the restaurant, the school, during the week, the weekend, on vacation, day or night, you answer the call.

Thank YOU for
Your advocacy
Speaking up
Recognizing & calling out when unjust, wrong, unfair, causing harm.

Thank YOU for
Being an example of what’s possible.

Thank YOU for your dedication.

Thank YOU for being a human with a special skill set & for choosing to practice the science and art of medicine.

Thank you for being a Physician.

This National Physicians Week is for YOU, to honor, thank, recognize, & celebrate all that you are, all that you’ve done, and all that you will do.

Thank YOU.

Thank You. 🙏💕❤️

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