A Thread

7/24/21 Interesting thought. Yesterday, as I left the office after arriving almost 12 hours earlier, I thought to myself, “It’s Friday night. Huh. I think I’ve forgotten how to live, like I did pre-COVID19, & pre-Medicine.” The thought resurfaced as I drove past people dining outside on a packed patio. Eating, drinking, laughing. The skyContinue reading “A Thread”


7/5/21 What makes you happy? Is a question asked in a recent Facebook post. My Answer: I love the water & the beach. And swimming. And sunshine. And white sand. And flowers. And sunsets. Floating on my back and looking up at the blue sky & finding animals or other scenes/objects in the fluffy whiteContinue reading “Happy”

Change Makers

On June 5, 2021, I had the opportunity to attend an absolutely incredibly inspirational & knowledge-filled session with Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor! As Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor zoomed with us, 60+ women physicians participating in Dr. Sunny Smith’s Empowering Women Physicians program, she challenged us to embrace our uniqueness, our individualities, our passions, our experiences,Continue reading “Change Makers”


4/20/21 #GeorgeFloyd May we learn from the past & create a future filled with kindness, justice, inclusivity, & awareness. May we treat each other with respect, embrace, & honor our differences, & stand together for #Justice. #TogetherWeCAN #BeTheChange #BlackLivesMatter #BeAnAlly

National Physicians Week, March 25-31

Happy National Physicians Week 2021‼️..To all of the AMAZING PHYSICIANS out there – this week was created to CELEBRATE YOU‼️🎉 🙌 🥂..We took an oath to #DoNoHarm..We put our #PatientsFirstAlways..We are DRIVEN, RESILIENT, CARING, BRAVE, AUTHENTIC, & UNIQUE…We BELIEVE in SCIENCE & Evidence Based Medicine…We BELIEVE #VaccinesWork & #VaccinesSaveLives…We trust in the #COVID19vaccine & BELIEVEContinue reading “National Physicians Week, March 25-31”


2/28/21 This morning I find myself reflecting on what it really means to be a physician, to practice the art & science of medicine. Our why. Our purpose. Why we strive to help and heal. What drives us to constantly do more with less, push on despite being knocked down time & time again? PersistentlyContinue reading “Reflections”

Sharing some thoughts, in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.

May we all live by the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.. May we honor, accept, & embrace our differences. May we teach our children acceptance, for “The art of acceptance is the art of making someone who has just done you a small favor wish that he might have done you a greaterContinue reading “Sharing some thoughts, in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.”

A Roadmap to Independence

* Article published in Physician Outlook Magazine on 12/27/2020: https://www.physicianoutlook.com/articles/roadmap-independence Over the past 25 years I’ve witnessed the birth of “Healthcare”.  When younger, I was often asked, “Do you want to be a doctor when you grow up”?   I’d answer, “No, I don’t want to take care of sick people for the rest of myContinue reading “A Roadmap to Independence”

From Frontline “Heros” to the Last line of Defense

For everyone that thought #COVID19 only affected the elderly, I hypothesized it was because COVID spread quickly in long term care facilities. The most vulnerable died first. So we locked down. We stifled the spread & “flattened the curve”. We reacted appropriately, together, for the good of all. We listened to and followed #Science, Physicians,Continue reading “From Frontline “Heros” to the Last line of Defense”

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