This morning I find myself reflecting on what it really means to be a physician, to practice the art & science of medicine.

Our why.

Our purpose.

Why we strive to help and heal.

What drives us to constantly do more with less, push on despite being knocked down time & time again?

Persistently get back up & read more, learn more, try new things, experiment – all to help others feel better, suffer less, live longer.

Our patients are our precious gifts, & it is a privilege to guide, be trusted & privy to the darkest secrets, fears, trials & triumphs of each individual life.

Each patient is unique.


Full of hope,




& possibility.

We meet them at crossroads, some excruciatingly painful, & others full of insurmountable joy.

We ask questions. We listen. We laugh. We cry. We comfort. We deliver unwanted news. We help to understand that a diagnosis is a label – a way for us to understand how best to treat & help.

We problem solve. We stratify risks. We encourage safety & prevention.

We teach. We lead. We inspire.

We care.

We spend years learning & honing our craft, to first & foremost, do no harm.

To anticipate.

To piece together puzzles.

To know how to fix,

And when to stop trying.

We see, we do, we teach, we master.

We learn to be calm in the chaos. To take control. To step up & take charge.

And we do it, over, and over, and over again.

We stay late, we rise early, we miss family dinners, school events, birthdays, weddings, graduations, & gatherings.

We sacrifice sleep, personal time, our own health.

We constantly strive to do best for our patients at all costs.

Our altruism is both a gift and a curse. For it sets us up to try harder, do more, keep up, push on, keep running faster, & forgo boundaries.

We’re taught to put our patients first, at all costs, always.

Medicine is a not a job, it’s a lifestyle.

A calling.

For which we are chosen.

We are each unique in our journey and experiences.

Each of us has special talents & offers valuable perspectives.

We each hold specific values, gifts, & abilities.

Each and every physician is specifically trained, & should be honored, lifted, & supported.

Our knowledge and training. is our greatest asset, and we are irreplaceable.

To all physicians, everywhere, please know that you are worthy.

You matter.

You save lives.




You are extraordinary.

You are worthy.

You are valued.

Thank you for upholding our sacred oath, & for practicing the art & science of medicine as we were trained, doing our best for patients, and putting our patients first. Always.

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