Happiness is finding a heart shaped rock while wading in the cool water of the Clark Fork River, MT.

What makes you happy?

Is a question asked in a recent Facebook post.

My Answer:

I love the water & the beach. And swimming. And sunshine. And white sand. And flowers. And sunsets.

Floating on my back and looking up at the blue sky & finding animals or other scenes/objects in the fluffy white clouds.

I love smiles & baby giggles.

I love spending time with my kids – both human & furry.

And getting enough sleep, eating well, & exercising so that my joints are less inflamed & my arthritis is better controlled.

And writing.

And advocating.

And creating.

And connecting.

And having time to sit & let my mind run free. ❤️

What makes you happy?

Birthday boy Grover. Missoula, MT, 7/5/21.

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