Love & Loss


Knowing when it’s time to let go of a life well lived is perhaps the most difficult part of being a pet owner.

Our pets become family. They bring us joy, hope, love & light, and fill our days with purpose.

The longing looks, the wagging tails, the perked up ears, engage, connect, & understand. Our furry family members are empathetic, compassionate souls, & have a way of knowing exactly what we need.

Years ago, while aimlessly wandering through a gift store browsing, a book with a black & white dog on the cover caught my eye. I picked it up & was introduced to Momo. A border collie with big beautiful brown eyes & an inquisitive engaging personality that leapt off the page! Filled with anticipation, I opened the book to find exquisite photographs of beautiful scenes with Momo hiding somewhere on every page. I was hooked & instantly fell in love with this dog.

Over the years I’ve followed Momo & his owner, photographer/author Andrew Knapp, on social media.

Today, on Instagram, this post popped up on my feed:

which prompted my writing this entry.

I have never met this dog in person, pet him, rubbed his belly, snuggled his soft velvety ears, yet I feel as if I know him, & I love him.

Thank you Andrew, for sharing your beloved Momo with us all. Thank you for documenting his life with your amazing photographs, & publishing your adventures & travels for all to enjoy. Momo may be physically gone, but his spirit, playful demeanor, & joyful energy will live on thanks to you, & your willingness to share your incredible talents with us.

May sweet Momo enjoy his forever life over the rainbow bridge, & may you & Boo continue to have future fun-filled adventures together.

I’m certain Momo will be with you in spirit & cheering you on from above, always. ❤️

My wish for all is to know & experience a similar connection of friendship & unconditional love as that between Andrew & Momo. If everyone could emulate such a relationship, imagine how wonderful our world might be. ❤️


Link to Andrew Knapp’s Instagram post today, 7/17/21:

RIP sweet Momo. ❤️🌈

11/7/21 Update!

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