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Interesting thought.

Yesterday, as I left the office after arriving almost 12 hours earlier, I thought to myself, “It’s Friday night. Huh. I think I’ve forgotten how to live, like I did pre-COVID19, & pre-Medicine.”

The thought resurfaced as I drove past people dining outside on a packed patio. Eating, drinking, laughing. The sky turning dark & the lights hanging above twinkling.

It’s interesting to imagine having an hour break during the day to sit & each lunch.

Arriving home in time to eat dinner with the family.

Or meet up with friends.

Or to actually attend kid’s sporting events, plays, school events.

Being able to join up at an impromptu outing/event without being on call.

Or able to say yes to that invitation to a conference or weekend trip without having to trade work days, cover shifts, or request time off months months in advance.

Being a physician is a choice, & medicine is more than job, it’s a calling.

A lifestyle.

A part of ones identity.

Once you become a physician, you’re responsible for other’s lives, always.

It’s an oath we take.

A privilege earned.

An honor.

And a sacrifice.

We are called to this life, & we choose it because we care, we help, we heal.

My wish would be that others realize all we do, & what we’ve chosen to give up, miss, & forgo, so as to be the best possible healers.

We do it for you.

Our patients. ❤️


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