My EntreMD Story


EntreMD Business Mastermind April 2021

I’ve been a physician for 26 years. I graduated medical school in 1996.

I’ve lived through and witnessed physicians go from “respected full of autonomy leaders” to discouraged “data entry clerk providers”, brainwashed into a purposeful learned helplessness – intentionally created by healthcare’s profit hungry corporate cartel.

Once respected, now belittled.

Once autonomous, now employed.

Once regarded as experts, now dinged if not acting as a “team player”.

Here’s the thing:



Without us PHYSICIANS – highly educated and trained with special skill sets in order to practice the science and art of medicine – there is no entity, no house, of MEDICINE.

After years of abuse, being told I was “too much” or “not enough” in every instance and area imaginable, after immense encouragement from a fellow physician friend/colleague, I joined EWP (Dr. Sunny Smith’s Empowering Women Physicians coaching program) in January 2021.

Dr. Una was a guest speaker.

She lit up the screen.

She shared how important it is to celebrate wins – big, little, and every size in between.

A fellow EWP participant spoke up about listening to the EntreMD podcast and how it’d changed her life.

My entrepreneurial spark, previously snuffed, reignited.

In June 2021, I attended the virtual EntreMD LIVE, and knew in my heart and gut that I needed to be a part of this space – this movement. My mind was wary, drama-filled, and stressed over the price. My gut and heart won out, convinced my brain it was the right, needed next step. I invested in myself, and joined.

In doing so I’ve become part of a connected family of like minded physicians – those wanting and made for more. We’ve invested to regain our autonomy, to be the CEOs of our own lives, to learn & master the business skills necessary to practice medicine & live life as we choose – on OUR TERMS.

For the first four months I was excitedly ALL IN.

EntreMD Vision Retreat October 2021

Then life took an unexpected turn, my focus was needed elsewhere, yet I continued showing up.

I attended weekly coaching calls, participating, watching, learning, growing, lifting up my colleagues, and in turn, myself too.

Witnessing growth, connections made, goals achieved, challenges faced, mind drama dealt with and overcome, all leading toward believing in what’s possible.

If we can imagine it, we can achieve it.

There is no failure, only lessons learned.

Fail forward.

Just start.

Take baby steps.

Everything is learnable.

Everything is figure-out-able.

Anything is possible – there is no imagination police!

No comparison-itis!

You are on your own journey – enjoy it!

We don’t do overwhelm.

Eat that frog!

And perhaps my greatest mindset shift occurred this weekend, after listening to episode 260 of the EntreMD podcast.






We are the MOST RESILIENT CAPABLE DRIVEN ACCOMPLISHED individuals alive and we can learn and do anything!!!


We are examples of WHAT’S POSSIBLE!

The tides are turning.

We are creating ripples, waves, and a tsunami is coming…..

Thank YOU Dr. Una for sharing your light, your knowledge, your expertise, and for believing in each and every physician.

Happy 4th Anniversary EntreMD‼️ 🎉💥🎉

Embrace your EXCELLENCE‼️💪❤️👊

My new mantra. Embracing my excellence.
The EntreMD Podcast 260: If you feel you are not good enough .

The Best Is Yet to Come‼️💥❤️‍🔥💥

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  1. What a beautiful reflection! Thank you for sharing this and thank for being such a bright light in the physician community. Yes, you are one of the best, you and me both!!!

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